It's 2019, are you optimized?

Optimize Amazon Advertising and Maximize Quarterly Returns. We provide industry leading technology, personable experience and a holistic approach to account management – tailored to your needs at a competitive price.

Amazon Marketing Services

We offer complete advertising management strategies including listing SEO, content creation and Amazon Advertising optimization for your product lines on an ongoing basis.

Advanced Keyword Research

Not all keywords are created equal. We look beyond the normal tools and find you keywords that are likely to convert at a low cost-per-click, including what your competitors are up to.

24/7 Campaign Monitoring

We won't just set it and forget it - we check on the status of your campaigns, add keywords and adjust bids around the clock. Our methods quickly adapt to fluctuations in sales trends.

It's All In The Details

Data Driven Results

We constantly analyze your data to eliminate wasted ad spend, discover new keyword opportunities and maximize the returns of your top performers. 

Complete content creation

If your company needs to create new Amazon product listings or you’d like professional insight into your current listing, we’ll check it over and make it shine by copywriting the title, bullet points and description.

Product Image Services

From color correction to background removal using multiple paths, we’ll ensure your Amazon product images are professional, compliant and able to stand out from the pack.

What Our Clients Say

Amazon Marketing Services

Blitz Networks untangled our existing campaigns and helped us advertise more of our catalog that we weren't focusing enough attention on. Our sales have really taken off! ​

Lizzie Thompson

They worked with me to figure out what we needed in terms of Amazon PPC and came up with a strategy that's been doing really well. I'm impressed, and looking forward to Q4.

Mike Dahl

let's PLAN

We offer a variety of options and value oriented packages whether you’ve used Amazon Sponsored Products before or PPC is totally new to your company. We’ll spell out your options and help you make the right decisions, whether they include us or not.