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A data driven amazon agency

At Blitz Networks, we provide a totally custom, hands-on approach to campaign management. We’ll work side-by-side with you to make sure that your Amazon advertising campaigns are running at their best all day, every day. We believe that an Amazon PPC agency needs to be just as responsive to your business needs as you are, and that our method is the best method to accomplish your goals. Here’s why.

Thorough Market Analysis and Keyword Research

With any given product or group of products, we scope out the market to see what approach sells and what doesn’t. Where many agencies stop at keyword research, Blitz Networks seeks to understand your customers and their buying environment. By stepping into the shoes of both the seller and the consumer, your campaign manager will be better able to pick from the vast array of search terms that inevitably come up during keyword research. This enables us to get your campaigns converting sales faster.

Our keyword research utilizes selected tools that draw from actual Amazon customer searches. This lets us know not just what your customers are searching for, but how they’re doing it. Between this data and our ability to scope out your Amazon competitor’s keywords, your campaigns can be tailored to any goal you have from new product launches to selling off aged inventory.

Listing Content Analysis and Copy Creation

Amazon Listing Content CreationGone are the days where a business could throw any old listing on Amazon and make sales. With more competition every day and an increasing expectation for readable, informative and inspiring copy, your listings matter today more than ever. Whether you’re creating new Amazon listings for a product launch or relying on an old listing you haven’t updated in a while – we can help. Our market research isn’t just good for keywords; we employ that very same data along with extensive Amazon copywriting expertise to craft listings that sell. But more than that, they convey your brand’s unique message while informing the consumer in a creative, no-nonsense fashion.

Intensive Bespoke Campaign Management

Your campaign manager routinely evaluates the state of your campaigns, ensuring no errant keywords or missed opportunities exist. We add new batches of keywords from our research at appropriate intervals to keep your campaigns active and fresh, drawing in new leads from Amazon’s 300+ million customers. But that’s not all – we dig deep into your campaign data on a regular basis, adjusting bids on the fly and reacting to changes in customer behavior to ensure you’re always dialed in and using your budget wisely.

In addition to your campaign manager adding keywords manually from research, we extract converting keywords from your automatic campaigns and place them in the appropriate manual campaigns for individual optimization. As time goes by, keywords of all stripes are regularly evaluated to see if their match type is appropriate for the traffic and sales they are generating. Match types help to cast a wider or more constrictive net for customer searches. From broad to phrase, and phrase to exact, our systems shuffle keywords as needed to keep spend low and conversions high. All of these changes are then mulled over by your personal campaign manager, who implements them precisely. This keeps them plugged in, always on top of the latest goings on. You won’t be stuck on a treadmill of automation with Blitz Networks.

For every campaign, your manager will work with you to determine an appropriate ACoS target and set specific account and product level goals. Once accomplished, initial campaign bids are calculated from your accumulated campaign data and a real world analysis of each keyword’s true value. As your campaign matures, and the market fluctuates, your keyword’s true value will quite naturally change up or down. Regular check-ins ensure we’ll react promptly to this natural bid volatility by performing regular analysis for each bid. This is called value bidding, and this is a very basic overview of how it’s done:

First We Calculate the Conversion Rate

The Best Machine Learning Amazon PPC AgencyAfter analysis a few months of data on each keyword, we can estimate how many customer ad clicks it takes to typically get a sale for each one. This is called the conversion rate. So if it takes 100 ad clicks to get a single sale, then the conversion rate will be 1%. You may be familiar with conversion rates on a product level. This is the same concept, just on a per-keyword basis. The longer your campaigns run for, the more data we have to work with, and the more precise the final bids will be.

Then We Calculate the Available Ad Spend Per Sale

We’ll take a target ACoS percentage and the average revenue per order (how much you get per item sold) to determine how much to spend on total PPC ad clicks to achieve a single sale. If your target ACoS is 20% and sales of 1 unit generate $100 in revenue, then the available ad spend per sale will be $20 (i.e. $100 * 20%). In this instance, you would want to spend no more than $20 on clicks per order to stay within the target ACoS number. Your target ACoS is determined during conversation with your campaign manager. They’ll help you determine a number that fits both your product goals and your budget.

Your target ACoS essentially tells us how much of your product sale price your company is willing to spend on buying ads. The higher your target, the higher the budget we will assign to spend on clicks and the higher we will make keyword bids in general.

Finally, We Calculate the Cost-Per-Click And Set A Bid

Once we’ve calculated how much you’re able to spend on ads per sale, and calculated how many clicks it takes to get that sale, we can calculate your keyword cost-per-click. We then multiply the conversion rate by the available ad budget.  Continuing with the numbers from our previous examples, it would be $20 * 1% = $0.20 and so the bid would be set to the calculated CPC of 20 cents. That is the true value of your keyword, and one which will drive sales at the most efficient rate for your desired sales volume and profit margins.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully this has helped you get some insight into how Blitz Networks delivers value and increased ROI to each of our clients. It’s personal service from an Amazon agency dedicated to your success, backed up by experience and know-how.

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