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Whether your company is just expanding onto the Amazon marketplace, or is already engaged in the platform, Blitz Networks is your best choice in an Amazon advertising agency. After all, we’ve been working with e-commerce, digital advertising and pay-per-click since 2003. Our knowledgeable team of Amazon PPC experts combine years of experience in the industry to give you control of your Amazon sales so you can focus on what you do best – operating and growing your business. Our clients receive more conversions at lower cost than the competitors, with less wasted ad spend. Whether you’ve got 50 SKUs or 5,000 we’ll devote ourselves to your bottom line to give you the best ROI.

Amazon Corporate Strategy

What is the Amazon Sponsored Products program?

Just like Google AdWords, Amazon SP is a program wherein your product advertisements are shown to targeted customers who are searching on the Amazon website. Your position is determined by how much you bid, just like in an auction, and you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. Check out this page to learn exactly how the system works.

But why should we use Amazon PPC?

Amazon Sponsored Products are an essential new market for all business that sell on Amazon, regardless of size. With more and more competition daily, businesses interested in maximizing profits on the platform should incorporate PPC advertising into their overall Amazon strategy to ensure maximum brand exposure to over 300 million shoppers. Don’t get left behind – drive targeted, highly refined traffic to your listings using PPC ads for the competitive edge needed to succeed. Boost sales and increase your platform ROI while expanding your brand exposure in the one place most often cited as the “one stop shop” for consumers.

Our management approach:

At Blitz Networks, we offer a complete hands-on approach to Amazon campaign management, working with you to make sure that your Amazon PPC campaigns are running at their best all day, every day. We believe that an Amazon PPC agency needs to be just as responsive to your business needs as you are, and that our Amazon advertising services can’t be beat. 

Get a Free Account Consultation:

With no cost and no obligation, this is a prime opportunity for you to discover the potential of your products on the Amazon marketplace – or to get unique insights into the state of your current Amazon PPC campaigns.